Project Director


Music Composer

Dean Kopri

Main Menu and Loading Screen Artwork

Inna Vjuzhanina

Story Writer

Alexandre Serel

Lara Voice Acting

Jennifer Milward

Manor Props Modeling

Elijah Bulgakov

Q.A Testers

Dean Kopri
Inna Vjuzhanina
Jennifer Milward
Christoff Morlock
Alexandre Serel
Pierre Jean Rist
Elie Vancayseele
Alex Fly
Jérôme Caillère
Auré Croft
Chris Jones
AJ Rich
Maël Vila

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Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games Staff

SFX Source Files

Crystal Dynamics

Tomb Raider 2 Development Team

Gavin Rummery (Lead programmer)
Neal Boyd and Heather Gibson (Level designers)
Stuart Atkinson and Joss Charmet (Animators)
Nathan McCree (Music and sound effects)
Vicky Arnold (Script writer)

Tomb Raider & Lara Croft trademarks

Square Enix Ltd


Gaëtan Jeanson

File hosting