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  1. THIAGO says:

    brasil. eu quero jogar? é pago? ta muito incrivel

  2. laure says:

    J’ai vraiment hâte de voir ce projet aboutir, je suis les infos matin et soir voir l’évolution j’ai vraiment hâte, c’est un gros investissement personnel mais cette initiative sur le TR que j’aime le plus m’enchante au plus haut point !
    Vous avez déjà une fan d’avance 😀

    • Nicobass says:

      Merci Laure, pense à t’inscrire à la newsletter pour être informée de chaque nouvel article ou contenu

      • laure says:

        Newsletter inscrite 😉

      • Damien says:

        Je pourrai etre informer aussi svp car vraiment mais vraiment toutes mes félicitations, je suis extrememnt emu de voir ma lara de se reboot spectaculaire , je vous remercie de nous faire rêver . P.s pourquoi la faire mourir a chaque video? Continuez comme ca, BRAVO

  3. Ianzer says:

    I really need this. Great job man … keep on it 😀

  4. Arthur Saff says:

    Dude! You’re doing a great job! Do you have any idea when you might release a demo for us or a playable level? And it’s amazing for real! I can’t wait to play it!

  5. Shakira Croft says:

    Je t’ai déjà demandé dans ton thread sur TRF mais je crois que mon message est passé à la trappe ^^

    Est-ce que tu comptes intégrer le Manoir? Si oui lequel?

  6. Brjce says:

    Je suis tellement fier de voir un français faire un tel chef-d’oeuvre ! 😮
    Je suis vraiment à 100% avec toi !

    (English translation) :
    I’m really proud to see a french people realising such a chef-d’oeuvre ! 😮
    I’m really with you to 100% !

  7. Mahé says:

    C’est absolument magnifique ! En quelques screens à peine je ressens parfaitement l’atmosphère du jeu original, avec des textures de toute beauté ! Chapeau pour l’implication et tout la passion que ça demande ! Vraiment très très hâte de voir le rendu final !!

  8. Cody says:

    I’m so excited for this project! If you ever need any help, let me know. I know every single nook and cranny in Tomb Raider II, as I’ve only played it a thousand times!

  9. Luke says:

    I just wanted to say that this is amazing! Keep at it! I can’t wait to see all locations like Croft Manor, Tibet and the rest. This is definitely one of my favourite Tomb Raider Games of all time. Good Job!

  10. I cryed while watching the video because its perfect, it has everything.

    PS Im doing a Tomb Raider Acension remake project with one of my friends that knows how to programme,and i need help to create the hair phisics, can u help me please?

    • Nicobass says:

      There’re many ways to setup hair physics in a videogame (hairworks, tressFx etc…) but has far has i know the most simple way is to create hair bones in your skeleton, so these bones can be animated in reel time in the game engine with gravity and collision (for exemple in Unreal Engine 4 i have used PHAT, hair bones are set up like any other bones for ragdoll effect but with simulation activated by defaut, and kinematic for any other bones)

  11. MCroft says:

    Hello nicobbas:

    I am very interested in the project , consider a subscriber, rather 1+ everything you post thanks for estes game and certainly you plan to release the game in Spanish , whether texts, really thank you, excuse the bad English but I am using translator, greetings from Mexico DF

    • Nicobass says:

      I’m sorry but this game will be only in english and french language

      • MCroft says:

        Thanks, I hope and greetings follow the project.

        P.S. I am excited receives a big hug , and I subscribe to everything, thanks for everything

  12. ANoDE says:

    Hey nicobass!

    That is some really amazing work you have going on there. It’s so incredibly beautiful and you can see how much love you put into the project. I hope to see the day when this project is released.

    If you need a voice actor (with a Austrian-german accent :P) let me know 😉


  13. weepingwillow_Lp says:

    Wow, what a nice project. I’m so so interested in and so excited. I can’t wait for the realease!! :):)

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  14. jcroft says:

    seu trabalho esta perfeito, vc poderia dizer aproximadamente a data de lançamento? seria uma honra jogar o remake desse classico jogo que marcou minha infancia, eu amo lara croft, e serio, vc esta fazendo um otimo trabalho, esta lindo, ah… ja ia me esquecendo, para que plataforma ele saira?

    his work is perfect, you could say about the release date ? would be an honor to play the remake of this classic game that marked my childhood, i love lara croft , and seriously, you’re doing a great job , this beautiful , ah … I almost forgot , will be to what platform ?

    • Nicobass says:

      Thank you, it will be only for PC win x64 🙂

      • jcroft says:

        se esse trabalho der certo como você espera ( e eu acredito que vai, e todos vão amar esse remake ), você fara outros remakes? e mais uma vez, esta perfeito, amei o cenário, a aparência de Lara ( ela esta linda ), e tudo… não consigo encontrar uma palavra para descrever, e tudo perfeito. muito obrigado por ter tomado esta decisão para todos nós, fãs desta linda franquia, você teve uma ideia que poucos pensaram em fazer, muito obrigado por esse jogo. estou esperando os próximos :3 muito obrigado nicobass.

        if the work goes well as you expect (and I believe it will , and everyone will love this remake) , you will make other remakes ? and once again , it’s perfect , loved the scenery , the appearance of Lara ( it is beautiful ) , it’s all … I can not find a word to describe , it’s all perfect. thank you for taking this decision for all of us fans of this lovely franchise, you had an idea that few thought of doing so much for this game . I’m hoping the next

        :3 thanks nicobass .

  15. mubeen says:

    oh man its just amazing work you are doing just keep it up and please release the demo as soon as possible i am just waiting for it because tomb raider series is my favorite

  16. Connor James says:

    This looks fantastic! I’ve been waiting for some kind of TR2 remake since Anniversary came out in 2007! If this goes well will you consider making a similar remake of Tomb Raider 3?

    Lots of luck on the project!

  17. Nick Williams says:

    This is genuinely amazing work! I just hope Square-Enix don’t decide to shut you down as I’ve been wanting a remake of TR2 in the TRA style for years. If you ask me, they should hire you on the spot because your work looks good enough to be an official release. Much respect to you!

  18. Cryonica says:

    Looks amazing! I mean really. I look forward to your remake much more than to playing the most recent TR on PS4. And I really think you can ask S Enix to employ you. You’re better than them!

  19. Hilal says:

    I just want to say… AMAZING STUFF. you’re a source of hope, did you know that? you made me so happy! thank you :3

  20. Kate says:

    Man, you are my hero!
    Please make it.Playin anniversary tr and thinking about the remake of “the dagger of Xian” every minute.One of the best game parts.Waiting for demo and so exited.You made my day better.

  21. syahilla says:

    I can not wait to play your game!
    it’s amazing!! 😀
    Thank you for making Tomb Raider 2 remake!
    just like TR Anniversary remake from TR1 🙂

  22. Luiza says:

    Congratulations for the wonderful initiative. People have been waiting for this for years. We can’t wait to play it. We already know it will be great because all of us know your previous works with Tomb Raider.

  23. Guilherme says:

    Nico, it’s amazing, I saw the videos, the levels are perfect , especially the traps , I liked ! I know that the release of the demo will be in the fall, but you have a certain date for the launch ?

  24. Guilherme says:

    Thank you, for make this remake! It’s perfect! More persons should take a look a this! It’s amazing, i hope you can do the demo as soon as possible, i’m so excited to play this! In the final version, you pretend make in other languages? Because i’m from Brazil, and i’m not very good at English! And you pretend make another games of Lara? Please tell us a date for the launch of the demo! I’m so excited!

  25. Alexandre says:

    Great initiative.. eager to play!

  26. pad says:

    Amazing! It must be really hard and time consuming for one person to manage all that!
    One question : Which program did you use to create the objects and the animations? You made the animations from scratch or they were extracted from TRA ?

    • Nicobass says:

      There’s no any way to extract them from TRA, i have used MotionBuilder to made them, and the objets are created with Zbrush and 3dsmax

  27. Junior says:

    Awesome! Just heard about the news! First of all thanks for doing it! Second, im reeeeally looking forward to play the demo! Also congratulations for the project!! (im brazilian, sorry for any grammar mistakes/typos)

  28. kevin says:

    OMG i need the game, you are genius, if I could I would buy , of course it is going to be great.
    I wish it Were in Spanish , but hey, doesn’t matter 😀

  29. Marco Croft says:

    I have cheats?

    Excelent remake, congratulations !

  30. Kamil says:

    What about the Recommended System Requirements? Can you tell me? Amazing Work!!! Awesome! 🙂

  31. Mask says:

    A quand de nouvelles vidéos Nico ?

    J’en peu plus d’attendre la 😀

  32. Andrey says:

    cool, cant wait to try your remake… )

  33. SixthDutch says:

    This looks way better then any of the new games

  34. Anne-So says:

    Ton travail est vraiment remarquable ! Je te suivais déjà quand tu postais des images 3D Remake de Tomb Raider et je suis vraiment toujours autant impressionnée par ton travail !

    Je voulais savoir concernant les graphismes, il faudra un PC de “compétition” pour faire tourner le jeu ? Les graphismes ont l’air bien poussé :3

    • Nicobass says:

      Je dirais à vu d’oeil qu’il faudra autant que pour faire tourner le reboot de 2013 voir un peu plus, mais heureusement pas autant que Rise of the Tomb Raider

  35. Nuno Ribeiro says:

    Your doing something that thousands of people would like to do, but they lack the knowledge and the willpower, remember that… Thank You! Greetings from Portugal 😉

    P.S.- I wish you good luck and a fast finishing, so that all of us can enjoy your work.

  36. Andrey says:

    well… its autumn )))

  37. Steven F.A says:

    You’re a beast, you can hopefully include costumes and other things? would be great. Really , you’re a beast .. I remember my childhood 😀 thank u bro!!

  38. Matt says:

    Well, I never got to play Tomb Raider 2 as I had bought a Sega Saturn and not a PSX, so for me, it would be especially nice to play the second TR, after all these years, with up to date graphics.

  39. antonis says:

    We can donate???

  40. ZaferKaan Arslan says:

    Tom Raider 2 amazing game

  41. loo says:

    I love you!!!

  42. Joel Lehmann says:

    Hey! It’s autumn 😀 I hope you and your work are doing great!

  43. Jovovich says:

    I don’t believe my eyes.. This project has very nice features, the graphics are amazing and I can say ur work will be fabulous when it’s finished. Keep doing the awesome work on the project of yours, gal! ^w^

  44. Dave C says:

    This looks incredible. i’ll definitley be playing this once you finish it. Can’t even wait for the demo

  45. Emre says:


    Are you going to share development kit?


  46. RimaTB2fan says:

    Hello !!

    On a déjà dû te poser la question mais,
    Pourras-t-on y jouer sur n’importe quel PC ?
    par exemple mon PC est un Samsung All-in-One sous Windows 7 ?..

    Si c’est pas le cas j’espère pouvoir voir un walkthrough de tes
    niveaux :/ Je serais trop heureuse quand même !! 😀

  47. Mark says:

    This question isn’t necessarily about the videos, but about the game itself, will the game have any voice acting?

  48. AniCroft says:

    Nicobass, thank you so so much for doing this!! I can’t wait! You’re extremely talented, and beyond that passionate. PLEASE set up a PayPal account so that we can donate! This is an insane work and you should be honored for that. I’m running a huge fansite and I’ll spread the word, you got my full support on this!

  49. Rem4Ke says:

    Je suis un grand fan de Tomb raider j’ai joué a tous les tomb raider sans exception et j ai du recommencer tomb raider II au moin 10 fois j’avais tellement aimé le que je m’entraîner a le speed run, Je suis deplus vraiment content que sa soit un Francais qui fait un Remake de ce tomb raider si le remake sort un jour envoye moi un lien de donnation et je verrais sûrement pour te faire un don pour le travail que tu auras fournis

  50. Janusz says:

    Greeting from Polish. We look forward to the demo.

  51. John says:

    C est INCROYABLE ce que tu fait c est magnifique vivement la demo bravo

  52. sh2288 says:

    that’s a great job
    I am tomb fans in china
    The tr2 I had play 3 times

  53. Hakim says:

    Sacré chalenge de faire ce remake qui très prometteur. Je suis impatient de le voir abouti, que puisse y jouer étant un grand fan de la saga depuis le début et spécialement le 2.

    Je te souhaite de tout cœur de réussir et de nous présenter ce chef-d’œuvre.

    Dans l’attente,
    Bonne continuation et bon courage.

  54. Mateusz says:

    We cannot wait! Share the demo 😀 I’m very exited about that!

  55. Can’t wait for this. Tomb Raider 2 was the first I ever played of the series and finished. It has a special place in my heart!

  56. HawkSoul says:

    Oh wow, that brings a lot of sweet memories 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your effort.
    Keep up the good work.

    Have a great day.


  57. Turok says:

    I hope the Game gets a RETAIL release. Game on DVD would be great… I Think it would be great to ask Square Enix if they can print the game on the shadows of the tomb raider DVD as a gift.

    Hope the game gets released on Steam also.

  58. Djigallag says:

    Great hello from Russia!

    I’ve been waiting for this for so many years and finally my favourite Tomb Raider game gets a modern view. Still can’t believe that project like this really exist. Wish you best luck and thank you for your incredible work.

    I have question thou about music in this remake. The original music themes were charming, so will this game have that same music, or it will be replaced with something different?

  59. Aguxtec says:

    I’ve watched your last work, and I just want to say that you’ve done a good job. You’ve make remind the good thing was that game. :’)
    It shows that you have done it with all your heart; and I hope that you can finish it, because I really want to play it 🙂

  60. Adam says:

    Wow, it looks awesome. Can’t wait. This game should be released on dvd/steam, shouldn’t it?
    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from Poland.

  61. robin_dmcsoldier says:

    would be great to play with better controls a the old version

  62. Marcus says:

    I have nothing useful to say, except that… YOU’RE A MOTHERFUCKING GENIUS!!!
    That was the first epic game I’ve played for Ps1. Now just the thought of having it remastered and be able to play it someday… Oh man. Keep it up. Wish I could help you out, too bad my programming skills are meant for general control aplications and not games.

  63. zouzouac says:

    salut vous faite un excellent travail j’ai les mains qui tremble rien qu’en imaginant la sensation de rejouer le meilleur tomb raider avec le lifting que vous lui avait donner ; j’ai lu votre interview sur et j’approuve tous ce que vous avez dit bonne continuation et bon courage pour vos ambitions de travailler dans le développement des jeux
    et merci encore pour votre patience à lire mon commentaire

  64. Rennan says:

    Hey, are you going to do a remake of Tomb Raider 1, or does it already exist?

  65. Alex says:

    I think I love you!!!
    What a mesmerizing way to bring old lara back, I just don’t have words for your amazing job!..
    I’d like to help you but I don’t know how. I think a lot of fans here are already really excited, so If u need help or support or donations just let us know, we’ll surely help you in some way.
    Thanks 🙂

  66. Alexandr says:

    Hello. This is the best Tomb Rider of latests, or how it says. You are good. I dont have enough patiens to wait. I want it.
    The picture, the gameplay, the model, all of this is the graitest.
    Please, do all the best to the end.
    I would wait.
    If it needed, i would buy it.

  67. Ania says:

    For us old timers that would like a remake of the first games, this is exactly what I was looking for…
    please keep up the good work!!! And congrats for having the guts and love to do it all by yourself.
    If it is for sale I am definitely buying it!!!

  68. Tijl says:

    This is the ultimate dream for every Tomb Raider fan. It’s a very interesting project, so it would be quiet logical to start a Kickstarter, so everyone can donate who loves the project.

    Only time will tell, but i can/can’t wait for this little diamond.

  69. Vamps says:

    Hello, before I ask a question I just wanted to say that this game looks absolutely stunningly awesome and I cant wait to play it! I am a huge TR Fan especially of the new/oldish ones (Legend, Anniversary, Underworld and the really new ones).

    I hope you can answer my question tho, will you eventually be able to have a german game translation or at least german subtitles?

  70. Redza says:

    I can’t believe this is gonna be free! It looks amazing and the intro is perfect. Good work.

  71. Daddus says:

    J’ai découvert la série Tomb Raider en commençant par le 2e volet. Alors voir ce reboot… j’ai eu des étoiles plein les yeux et un battement au coeur, nostalgie oblige O_O
    Surtout que j’ai encore et toujours des difficultés à passer de Core Design à Crystal Dynamics è_é
    Encore bravo pour ce projet que je soutiens de tout coeur !
    Je suis comme une enfant qui attend Noël avec impatience :-p

  72. Liza says:

    I would like to support your work in small money.
    Do you have paypal?
    Sorry for my english)

  73. Raliko says:

    Thank you for bringing the old Lara back! You’ve done a great job so far! I’m truly amazed that you are doing it freely! You are amazing!

  74. TrifluX says:

    My favorite version is the Tomb Raider Chronicles, but this is awesome and i will play this. Good Job!

  75. Hassan says:

    Its to awesome !

  76. hilalex07 says:

    Bonjour, ton travail est juste impressionnant, j’ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir poser les mains dessus, la patience est une vertu ^^
    Gameplay Anniversary prise en charge de manette c’est vraiment parfait, Lara juste magnifique, les décors tout autant, je pense pouvoir dire que c’est le plus gros et beau travail de fan que j’ai jamais vu, bravo et respect.

  77. Leandra says:

    Amazing! keep up the good work nico!!

  78. Galen says:

    I want to say you have achieved what we want! Looking forward to the first screenshots of the level Venice!

  79. Eric says:

    I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E A-R-T-I-S-T-R-Y!!!

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