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  1. Resilixia says:

    Sick dude I’m amazed so far , keep it up !

  2. CroftManor says:

    Absolutely flawless. Best of luck with this phenomenal project!

  3. Roy Mendez says:

    This is absolutely AMAZING!!! Best of luck to you, will definitely download once it’s ready!!!

  4. Zachary Turner says:

    Wow. This looks amazing! It’s things like this that inspire me to go to college and design video games! I hope this doesn’t get canceled, because this is absolutely stunning! I can’t believe this. You don’t thing you’d get in you know… Copyright trouble? I personally think that they won’t do anything and will be glad that someone would spend so much time on this! Supper excited about this, especially since they aren’t doing anything for Lara’s 20th anniversary. Can’t wait to play! 😀

  5. Menkay says:

    formidável seu trabalho. (formidable their work)

  6. Thomas says:

    This looks absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait, Hope the demo is just as amazing.
    I’m curious, who you going to hire for voice acting?

  7. Zellphie says:

    Mon dieu! La grotte de TR2! O___O j’ai l’impression de rêver! je vais verser une larme! lol <3

  8. Elleannor says:

    This is the most amazing thing ever!!! TR II is my favorite game ever-and what you´ve done so far is just SO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I absolutely love the physics of the ponytail, as well as the fact that you included her iconic glasses in one of the models. This is just such an amazing thing-YOU ARE AMAZING-keep up the work, you are the best!!! (●´ω`●)

  9. You are amazing mate. Keep up the good work cant wait to play it. Never finished it when I was young. Maybe I will finish your version.

  10. Kevin Brayan says:

    Awesome man… you brought back oldschool Tomb Raider’s feelling… I’m waiting it!!!
    From Brazil.

  11. Marcelo Mendes Britto says:

    Continue com o projeto fantástico!! Keep this fantastic project! Bring it alive again!! Tomb Raider II is the best!

  12. reeve35 says:

    Bravo, bravo, je souhaite de le plus haute de es forces que on taf aboutisse à quelque chose de sérieux (ça l’ai déjà) mais que se soit sur d’aboutir c’est dans se sens là que je veux parler! encore bravo pour ton taf immense et franchement fabuleux, je n’y vois là que des qualités

  13. Leonardo says:

    Nico tu es le meilleur ! Je suis à fond avec toi ! Vivement la suite ! Encore bravo !

  14. TRFan says:

    Amazing work!

  15. Guilherme says:

    AMAZING! It’s perfect! Lara is very real, like in Anniversary, i loved, the main menu remember me of Anniversary and Legend! I hope you make cutscenes, good job , keep Nice! It’s better than Rise Of Tomb Raider! I’m thinking about it like a crazy! i can’t wait for play this! It’s fantastic, congratulations! The final version of the game will be free?

    • indigo15 says:

      Yes, it will be free. Legally, he can’t make any money off of the game due to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider being owned by Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix.

  16. João Pedro says:

    I really hope you have success in this project, it’s absolutely fantastic. I hope you release the demo soon 🙂

  17. Mathieu says:

    Franchement je ne sais pas quoi dire, ca fait très longtemps que j’attend un remake du deux ! je trouve le travail que tu a fais juste sublime aucun défaut, je crois que tu va faire rager eidos ! :p

  18. Brett says:

    Wow! this project is very similar as the Anniversary version. I would like to play your demo as soon as possible ^_^! Also, I want to learn about making TRLE projects like this!

  19. Gavriel Fulcher Daniels says:

    Did You Use XNA Lara or Blender or any tool use to make Lara outfit i’m trying to place it in XNA to 3ds max and then save it a .fbx and i want my Lara object to be playable

  20. Cristiano Marsil says:

    Absolutelly amazing! If Square dont see the potential and quality of your work, they are deeply insane!
    So eager the see it finished! Good luck and many thanks!

  21. Xeylen says:

    I’m really amazed about your work! Tomb Raider II was my favourite when I was small, it’s a dream for me to play a remake of it, and you’re making it real! Keep up the great job, I added your website to my bookmarks, I will keep checking the updates!

    Thanks for making this real, and I hope we can play it soon!

  22. Jaden says:


  23. Tom says:

    This is how should all new TRs look like.
    Not this Rambo bullshit they are giving us for the last years!
    Just exploration, puzzles, acrobatics, and searching for the way out with SOME shooting.
    Amazing job! Keep going and don’t stop doing this!

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